Code Sustainability and Excellence

We believe that global code excellence is achievable in our lifetime. Coding best practices can and should promulgate the common good while ensuring that future revisions and updates continue to build on and enlarge this code base of excellence. As developers espouse green coding practices, the quality of subsequent code releases will increase exponentially over time. While this transformation is taking place, you can act decisively today and help mitigate the environmental impact of bad code, even code that has been abandoned or forgotten, with one simple transaction–the bad code offset.

Our Mission

A world where software runs cleanly and correctly as it simplifies, enhances and enriches our day everyday life is achievable. Mitigating the scope and negative impact of bad code on our jobs, our lives and our world is our all–consuming passion. Energizing the development world with the commitment and code excellence through code offsets is the key to our ultimate success and the realization of a sustainable code base that ushers in a new age of innovation that will propel humanity to a higher plane of existence.

Join with us now and offset your bad code for the brightest future imaginable!

The Bad Code Offset

[Offset Image]The Bad Code Offset provides a convenient and rational approach for balancing out the bad code we all have created at one time or another throughout our lifetime—even when we can’t go back and fix it directly.

Denominated in Source Lines of Code (SLOC), every purchase will offset the desired quantity of SLOC and pave the way toward future code excellence. [1 SLOC]

Money raised through the purchase of Bad Code Offsets supports the various Open Source Initiatives that are performing vital work towards the salvation of our future code base.

Every purchase of an offset today will take us one line of code closer to our goal of universal code excellence. Banish the bugs in your past as you help usher in a new age of software development.