Code Sustainability and Excellence

We believe that global code excellence is achievable in our lifetime. Coding best practices can and should promulgate the common good while ensuring that future revisions and updates continue to build on and enlarge this code base of excellence. As developers espouse green coding practices, the quality of subsequent code releases will increase exponentially over time. While this transformation is taking place, you can act decisively today and help mitigate the environmental impact of bad code, even code that has been abandoned or forgotten, with one simple transaction–the bad code offset.

Members of the Alliance for Code Excellence

Community Leaders

Community Leaders strive to promulgate best practices throughout the industry by engaging in blogs, authoring books, and speaking at conferences.

  • Alex Papadimoulis

    Mr. Papadimoulis is the editor of The Daily WTF and managing partner of Inedo, a firm dedicated to best practices in software development
  • Jeff Atwood

    Mr. Atwood is the author of the Coding Horror blog and co-founder of Stack Overflow
  • Eric Sink

    Mr. Sink is the founder of SourceGear, author of Business of Software, and led the team that built the foundation for the Internet Explorer browser
  • Jason Cohen

    Mr. Cohen is the author of Business of Software and founder of Smart Bear Software, which makes the world's most popular tool for peer code review
  • Jon Skeet

    Currently a software engineer at Google London, Mr. Skeet is a Microsoft MVP for C#, the author of C# in Depth, and the top contributing member at Stack Overflow
  • Scott Hanselman

    Mr. Hanselman is a prominent technology author, public speaker, developer, and evangelist who can often be seen speaking about software and web development
  • Joshua Long

    The co-author of Spring Enterprise Recipes and Spring Web Recipes, Mr. Long is a prolific speaker in the Java world and organizer for local Java User Groups

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